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Arsova, B.; Schulze, W. X.: Current status of the plant phosphorylation site database PhosPhAt and its use as a resource for molecular plant physiology. Frontiers in plant science 3, S. 132 (2012)
Arsova, B.; Zauber, H.; Schulze, W. X.: Precision, proteome coverage, and dynamic range of Arabidopsis proteome profiling using (15)N metabolic labeling and label-free approaches. Molecular & cellular proteomics 11 (9), S. 619 - 628 (2012)
Arsova, B.; Hoja, U.; Wimmelbacher, M.; Greiner, E.; Ustun, S.; Melzer, M.; Petersen, K.; Lein, W.; Bornke, F.: Plastidial Thioredoxin z Interacts with Two Fructokinase-Like Proteins in a Thiol-Dependent Manner: Evidence for an Essential Role in Chloroplast Development in Arabidopsis and Nicotiana benthamiana. The Plant Cell 22 (5), S. 1498 - 1515 (2010)

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Review Article
Arsova, B.; Kierszniowska, S.; Schulze, W. X.: The use of heavy nitrogen in quantitative proteomics experiments in plants. (2012)
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