Publikationen von N. Gatzke

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Wulff-Zottele, C.; Gatzke, N.; Kopka, J.; Orellana, A.; Hoefgen, R.; Fisahn, J.; Hesse, H.: Photosynthesis and metabolism interact during acclimation of Arabidopsis thaliana to high irradiance and sulphur depletion. Plant Cell and Environment 33 (11), S. 1974 - 1988 (2010)
Kaplan, F.; Kopka, J.; Haskell, D. W.; Zhao, W.; Schiller, K. C.; Gatzke, N.; Sung, D. Y.; Guy, C. L.: Exploring the temperature-stress metabolome of Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 136 (4), S. 4159 - 4168 (2004)
Klotke, J.; Kopka, J.; Gatzke, N.; Heyer, A. G.: Impact of soluble sugar concentrations on the acquisition of freezing tolerance in accessions of Arabidopsis thaliana with contrasting cold adaptation - evidence for a role of raffinose in cold acclimation. Plant Cell and Environment 27 (11), S. 1395 - 1404 (2004)
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