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Andorf, S.; Meyer, R. C.; Selbig, J.; Altmann, T.; Repsilber, D.: Integration of a Systems Biological Network Analysis and QTL Results for Biomass Heterosis in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS One 7 (11), S. e49951 (2012)
Meyer, R. C.; Witucka-Wall, H.; Becher, M.; Blacha, A.; Boudichevskaia, A.; Doermann, P.; Fiehn, O.; Friedel, S.; von Korff, M.; Lisec, J. et al.; Melzer, M.; Repsilber, D.; Schmidt, R.; Scholz, M.; Selbig, J.; Willmitzer, L.; Altmann, T.: Heterosis manifestation during early Arabidopsis seedling development is characterized by intermediate gene expression and enhanced metabolic activity in the hybrids. The Plant Journal 71 (4), S. 669 - 683 (2012)
Massonnet, C.; Vile, D.; Fabre, J.; Hannah, M. A.; Caldana, C.; Lisec, J.; Beemster, G. T. S.; Meyer, R. C.; Messerli, G.; Gronlund, J. T. et al.; Perkovic, J.; Wigmore, E.; May, S.; Bevan, M. W.; Meyer, C.; Rubio-Diaz, S.; Weigel, D.; Micol, J. L.; Buchanan-Wollaston, V.; Fiorani, F.; Walsh, S.; Rinn, B.; Gruissem, W.; Hilson, P.; Hennig, L.; Willmitzer, L.; Granier, C.: Probing the Reproducibility of Leaf Growth and Molecular Phenotypes: A Comparison of Three Arabidopsis Accessions Cultivated in Ten Laboratories. Plant Physiology 152 (4), S. 2142 - 2157 (2010)
Meyer, R. C.; Kusterer, B.; Lisec, J.; Steinfath, M.; Becher, M.; Scharr, H.; Melchinger, A. E.; Selbig, J.; Schurr, U.; Willmitzer, L. et al.; Altmann, T.: QTL analysis of early stage heterosis for biomass in Arabidopsis. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 120 (2), S. 227 - 237 (2010)
Steinfath, M.; Gaertner, T.; Lisec, J.; Meyer, R. C.; Altmann, T.; Willmitzer, L.; Selbig, J.: Prediction of hybrid biomass in Arabidopsis thaliana by selected parental SNP and metabolic markers. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 120 (2), S. 239 - 247 (2010)
Gaertner, T.; Steinfath, M.; Andorf, S.; Lisec, J.; Meyer, R. C.; Altmann, T.; Willmitzer, L.; Selbig, J.: Improved Heterosis Prediction by Combining Information on DNA- and Metabolic Markers. PLoS One 4 (4), S. e5220 (2009)
Lisec, J.; Steinfath, M.; Meyer, R. C.; Selbig, J.; Melchinger, A. E.; Willmitzer, L.; Altmann, T.: Identification of heterotic metabolite QTL in Arabidopsis thaliana RIL and IL populations. Plant Journal 59 (5), S. 777 - 788 (2009)
Balazadeh, S.; Parlitz, S.; Mueller-Roeber, B.; Meyer, R. C.: Natural developmental variations in leaf and plant senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Biology (Stuttgart, Germany) 10 Suppl 1, S. 136 - 147 (2008)
Lisec, J.; Meyer, R. C.; Steinfath, M.; Redestig, H.; Becher, M.; Witucka-Wall, H.; Fiehn, O.; Torjek, O.; Selbig, J.; Altmann, T. et al.; Willmitzer, L.: Identification of metabolic and biomass QTL in Arabidopsis thaliana in a parallel analysis of RIL and IL populations. Plant Journal 53 (6), S. 960 - 972 (2008)
Toerjek, O.; Meyer, R. C.; Zehnsdorf, M.; Teltow, M.; Strompen, G.; Witucka-Wall, H.; Blacha, A.; Altmann, T.: Construction and analysis of 2 reciprocal Arabidopsis introgression line populations. Journal of Heredity 99 (4), S. 396 - 406 (2008)
Kusterer, B.; Muminovic, J.; Utz, H. F.; Piepho, H. P.; Barth, S.; Heckenberger, M.; Meyer, R. C.; Altmann, T.; Melchinger, A. E.: Analysis of a triple testcross design with recombinant inbred lines reveals a significant role of epistasis in heterosis for biomass-related traits in Arabidopsis. Genetics 175 (4), S. 2009 - 2017 (2007)
Kusterer, B.; Piepho, H. P.; Utz, H. F.; Schoen, C. C.; Muminovic, J.; Meyer, R. C.; Altmann, T.; Melchinger, A. E.: Heterosis for biomass-related traits in Arabidopsis investigated by quantitative trait loci analysis of the triple testcross design with recombinant inbred lines. Genetics 177 (3), S. 1839 - 1850 (2007)
Meyer, R. C.; Steinfath, M.; Lisec, J.; Becher, M.; Witucka-Wall, H.; Torjek, O.; Fiehn, O.; Eckardt, A.; Willmitzer, L.; Selbig, J. et al.; Altmann, T.: The metabolic signature related to high plant growth rate in Arabidopsis thaliana. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104 (11), S. 4759 - 4764 (2007)
Forner, J.; Weber, B.; Wietholter, C.; Meyer, R. C.; Binder, S.: Distant sequences determine 5 ' end formation of cox3 transcripts in Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype C24. Nucleic Acids Research 33 (15), S. 4673 - 4682 (2005)
Drager, D. B.; Desbrosses-Fonrouge, A.-G.; Krach, C.; Chardonnens, A. N.; Meyer, R. C.; Saumitou-Laprade, P.; Kraemer, U.: Two genes encoding Arabidopsis halleri MTP1 metal transport proteins co-segregate with zinc tolerance and account for high MTP1 transcript levels. Plant Journal 39 (3), S. 425 - 439 (2004)
Meyer, R. C.; Torjek, O.; Becher, M.; Altmann, T.: Heterosis of Biomass production in Arabidopsis. Establishment during early development. Plant Physiology 134 (4), S. 1813 - 1823 (2004)
Toerjek, O.; Berger, D.; Meyer, R. C.; Muessig, C.; Schmid, K. J.; Sorensen, T. R.; Weisshaar, B.; Mitchell-Olds, T.; Altmann, T.: Establishment of a high-efficiency SNP-based framework marker set for Arabidopsis. Plant Journal 36 (1), S. 122 - 140 (2003)

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Meyer, R. C.; Lisec, J.; Sulpice, R.; Steinfath, M.; Gaertner, T.; Becher, M.; Witucka-Wall, H.; von Korff, M.; Gunther, T.; Childs, L. et al.; Scharr, H.; Walter, A.; Torjek, O.; Fiehn, O.; Schurr, U.; Schmid, K.; Walther, D.; Gibon, Y.; Selbig, J.; Stitt, M.; Willmitzer, L.; Altmann, T.: Analysis of Arabidopsis natural variation in biomass accumulation and metabolism. In New Biotechnology, 25, S. S307 - S307. (2009)
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