Gerardo del Toro-de León

wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in
Abteilung 2 (Prof. Köhler): Reproduktionsbiologie und Epigenetik
Epigenetische Mechanismen der pflanzlichen Reproduktion


My research focuses on deciphering the links between epigenetics, reproduction and speciation. In particular I am interested in understanding the mechanistic basis of imprinting and its impact on the establishment of post-zygotic reproductive barriers in the endosperm.


Professional Experience

  • 2021-current: Postdoc Scientist, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology - Germany
  • 2017-2021: Postdoc, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
    • 2018:2020: EMBO Postdoctoral Fellow


    PhD in Plant Biotechnology, Langebio-CINVESTAV, Mexico  2017

    BS in Biology, UNAM, Mexico 2011


    Köhler C, Dziasek K, del Toro-de León G (2021) Postzygotic reproductive isolation established in the endosperm: Mechanisms, drivers and relevance. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B. 376:1826 link

    Moreno-Romero J, Del Toro-De León G, Yadav VK, Santos-González J, Köhler C (2019) Epigenetic signatures associated with imprinted paternally expressed genes in the Arabidopsis endosperm. Genome Biol 20:41. link

    Del Toro-De León G, Köhler C (2019) Endosperm-specific transcriptome analysis by applying the INTACT system. Plant Reprod. link

    Wang G, Jiang H, Del Toro de León G, Martínez G, Köhler C (2018) Sequestration of a Transposon-Derived siRNA by a Target Mimic Imprinted Gene Induces Postzygotic Reproductive Isolation in Arabidopsis. Dev Cell 1–10. link

    Del Toro-De León, G., Lepe-Soltero, D., & Gillmor, C. S. (2016). Zygotic genome activation in isogenic and hybrid plant embryos. Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 29, 148-153. link

    Del Toro-De León, G., García-Aguilar, M., & Gillmor, C. S. (2014). Non-equivalent contributions of maternal and paternal genomes to early plant embryogenesis. Nature, 514 (7524), 624–627. link

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