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Garg, V.; Dudchenko, O.; Wang, J.; Khan, A.W.; Gupta, S.; Kaur, P.; Han, K.; Saxena, R.K.; Kale, S.M.; Pham, M. et al.; Yu, J.; Chitikineni, A.; Zhang, Z.; Fan, G.; Lui, C.; Valluri, V.; Meng, F.; Bhandari, A.; Liu, X.; Yang, T.; Chen, H.; Valliyodan, B.; Roorkiwal, M.; Shi, C.; Yang, H.B.; Durand, N.C.; Pandey, M.K.; Li, G.; Barmukh, R.; Wang, X.; Chen, X.; Lam, H.-M.; Jiang, H.; Zong, X.; Liang, X.; Liu, X.; Liao, B.; Guo, B.; Jackson, S.; Nguyen, H.T.; Zhuang, W.; Shubo, W.; Wang, X.; Aiden, E.L.; Bennetzen, J.L.; Varshney, R.K.: Chromosome-length genome assemblies of six legume species provide insights into genome organization, evolution, and agronomic traits for crop improvement. Journal of Advanced Research 42, S. 315 - 329 (2022)
Ostendorp, A.; Ostendorp, S.; Zhou, Y.; Chaudron, Z.; Wolffram, L.; Rombi, K.; von Pein, L.; Falke, S.; Jeffries, C. M.; Svergun, D. I. et al.; Betzel, C.; Morris, R. J.; Kragler, F.; Kehr, J.: Intrinsically disordered plant protein PARCL co-localizes with RNA in phase-separated condensates whose formation can be regulated by mutating the PLD. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 298 (12), 102631 (2022)
Tomkins, M.; Hoerbst, F.; Gupta, S.; Apelt, F.; Kehr, J.; Kragler, F.; Morris, R. J.: Exact Bayesian inference for the detection of graft-mobile transcripts from sequencing data. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 19 (197), 20220644 (2022)
Ralevski, A.; Apelt, F.; Olas, J.; Mueller-Roeber, B.; Rugarli, E.; Kragler, F.; Horvath, T.: Plant mitochondrial FMT and its mammalian homolog CLUH controls development and behavior in Arabidopsis and locomotion in mice. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 79 (6), 334 (2022)
Apelt, F.; Mavrothalassiti, E.; Gupta, S.; Machin, F.; Olas, J. J.; Annunziata, M. G.; Schindelasch, D.; Kragler, F.: Shoot and root single cell sequencing reveals tissue- and daytime-specific transcriptome profiles. Plant Physiology 188 (2), S. 861 - 878 (2022)

Buchkapitel (1)

Machin, F.; Hasbioğlu, Y.; Kragler, F.: An Arabidopsis Callus Grafting Method to Test Cell-to-Cell Mobility of Proteins. In: Plasmodesmata, Bd. 2457, S. 299 - 312 (Hg. Benitez-Alfonso, Y.; Heinlein, M.) (2022)

Review Article (2)

Review Article
Tedesco, S.; Fevereiro, P.; Kragler, F.; Pina, A.: Plant grafting and graft incompatibility: A review from the grapevine perspective. (2022)
Review Article
Kehr, J.; Morris, R. J.; Kragler, F.: Long-Distance Transported RNAs: From Identity to Function. (2022)
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