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David, Z.; Swart, C.; Graf, A.; Arrivault, S.; Tillich, M.; Proost, S.; Nikoloski, Z.; Stitt, M.; Bock, R.; Mühlhaus, M. et al.; Boulouis, A.: Topology of the redox network during induction of photosynthesis as revealed by time-resolved proteomics in tobacco. Science Advances 7 (51), eabi8307 (2021)
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Sujeeth, N.; Mehterov, N.; Gupta, S.; Qureshi, M. K.; Fischer, A.; Proost, S.; Omidbakhshfard, M. A.; Obata, T.; Benina, M.; Staykov, N. et al.; Balazadeh, S.; Walther, D.; Fernie, A. R.; Mueller-Roeber, B.; Hille, J.; Gechev, T. S.: A novel seed plants gene regulates oxidative stress tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 77, S. 705 - 718 (2020)
de Souza, L. P.; Scossa, F.; Proost, S.; Bitocchi, E.; Papa, R.; Tohge, T.; Fernie, A. R.: Multi-tissue integration of transcriptomic and specialized metabolite profiling provides tools for assessing the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) metabolome. The Plant Journal 97 (6), S. 1132 - 1153 (2019)
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Rosado-Souza, L.; Proost, S.; Moulin, M.; Bergmann, S.; Bocobza, S. E.; Aharoni, A.; Fitzpatrick, T. B.; Mutwil, M.; Fernie, A. R.; Obata, T.: Appropriate Thiamin Pyrophosphate Levels Are Required for Acclimation to Changes in Photoperiod. Plant Physiology 180 (1), S. 185 - 197 (2019)
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Ferrari, C.; Proost, S.; Ruprecht, C.; Mutwil, M.: PhytoNet: comparative co-expression network analyses across phytoplankton and land plants. Nucleic Acids Research 46 (W1), S. W76 - W83 (2018)
Proost, S.; Mutwil, M.: CoNekT: an open-source framework for comparative genomic and transcriptomic network analyses. Nucleic Acids Research 46 (W1), S. W133 - W140 (2018)
Proost, S.; Krawczyk, A.; Mutwil, M.: LSTrAP: efficiently combining RNA sequencing data into co-expression networks. BMC Bioinformatics 18 (1), 444 (2017)
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Ruprecht, C.; Vaid, N.; Proost, S.; Persson, S.; Mutwil, M.: Beyond Genomics: Studying Evolution with Gene Coexpression Networks. Trends in Plant Science 22 (4), S. 298 - 307 (2017)
Sibout, R.; Proost, S.; Hansen, B. O.; Vaid, N.; Giorgi, F. M.; Ho-Yue-Kuang, S.; Legee, F.; Cezart, L.; Bouchabke-Coussa, O.; Soulhat, C. et al.; Provart, N.; Pasha, A.; Le Bris, P.; Roujol, D.; Hofte, H.; Jamet, E.; Lapierre, C.; Persson, S.; Mutwil, M.: Expression atlas and comparative coexpression network analyses reveal important genes involved in the formation of lignified cell wall in Brachypodium distachyon. New Phytologist 215 (3), S. 1009 - 1025 (2017)
Swiadek, M.; Proost, S.; Sieh, D.; Yu, J.; Todesco, M.; Jorzig, C.; Cubillos, A.; Plötner, B.; Nikoloski, Z.; Chae, E. et al.; Giavalisco, P.; Fischer, A.; Schröder, F.; Kim, S.-T.; Weigel, D.; Laitinen, R.: Novel allelic variants in ACD6 cause hybrid necrosis in local collection of Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytologist 213 (2), S. 900 - 915 (2017)
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Balazadeh, S.; Schildhauer, J.; Araujo, W. L.; Munne-Bosch, S.; Fernie, A. R.; Proost, S.; Humbeck, K.; Mueller-Roeber, B.: Reversal of senescence by N resupply to N-starved Arabidopsis thaliana: transcriptomic and metabolomic consequences. Journal of Experimental Botany 65 (14), S. 3975 - 3992 (2014)

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Proost, S.; Mutwil, M.: PlaNet: Comparative Co-Expression Network Analyses for Plants. In: Plant Genomics Databases: Methods and Protocols, Bd. 1533, S. 213 - 227 (Hg. van Dijk; D.J, A.). Springer New York, New York, NY (2017)
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