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Meeting Abstract
Kersting, K., Skeffington, A. W., Bock, R. & Scheffel, A. Development of Genome Editing Tools for the Coccolithophore Chrysotila Carterae. in Phycologia 60, 85–86 (International Phycological Society, 2021).
Meeting Abstract
Clarke, J. L., Branza-Nichita, N., Stavaru, C. S., Sivertsen, A., Steen, H., Paruch, L., Eerde, A., Heldal, I., Dobrica, M.-O., Tucureanu, C., Onu, A., Ciulean, S., Petrareanu, C., Lazar, C., Popescu, I., Haugslien, S., Bock, R. & Dubuisson, J. Lettuce-produced hepatitis C virus E1E2 heterodimer triggers immune responses in mice and antibody production after oral vaccination. in In vitro cellular & developmental biology-plant 54, S118–S119 (2018).
Meeting Abstract
Bock, R. Transgenic plastids as expression factories in biotechnology. in New Biotechnology 25, S282–S282 (2009).
Meeting Abstract
Bednarczyk, D., Bock, R. & Schoettler, M. Genetic manipulation of PSI biogenesis in higher plants. in Photosynthesis Research 91, 195–195 (2007).
Meeting Abstract
Fluegel, C., Thiele, W., Bock, R. & Schoettler, M. Ontogenetic changes in the biogenesis of the cytochrome-b(6)f complex. in Photosynthesis Research 91, 267–267 (2007).
Meeting Abstract
Schoettler, M., Fluegel, C., Thiele, W., Piepenburg, K. & Bock, R. Photosystem I does not contribute to photosynthetic flux control. in Photosynthesis Research 91, 188–188 (2007).
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