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Wydro, M. M., Sharma, P., Foster, J. M., Bych, K., Meyer, E. H. & Balk, J. The Evolutionarily Conserved Iron-Sulfur Protein INDH Is Required for Complex I Assembly and Mitochondrial Translation in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 25, 4014–4027 (2013).
Meyer, E. H. Proteomic Investigations of Complex I Composition: How to Define a Subunit? Frontiers in plant science 3, (2012).
Zhu, Q., Dugardeyn, J., Zhang, C., Takenaka, M., Kuehn, K., Craddock, C., Smalle, J., Karampelias, M., Denecke, J., Peters, J., Gerats, T., Brennicke, A., Eastmond, P., Meyer, E. H. & Van der Straeten, D. SLO2, a mitochondrial pentatricopeptide repeat protein affecting several RNA editing sites, is required for energy metabolism. The Plant Journal 71, 836–849 (2012).
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