Research Group Leader

Dr. Joachim Selbig
Phone:+49 331 567-8208

Cooperative Research Groups


The Bioinformatics Group of the University of Potsdam, led by Prof. Dr. Joachim Selbig, works together with the bioinformaticians around Dr. Dirk Walther at the MPI-MP to develop computer methods to support the analysis of  complex data. In practice, we want to determine the important variables for specific biological processes (e.g. which gene products are responding to external stimuli). The researchers use a variety of statistical, machine learning and dimension reduction methods. In addition to the analysis of complex data, the group develops internet based database systems that allow for the efficient storage, download, and management of biological data. Classical bioinformatics questions – such as the analysis of the spatial structure or the sequence comparison of biological macromolecules - are also addressed.

Distribution of properties of random biological networks Zoom Image
Distribution of properties of random biological networks

In recent decades, the development of high-throughput experimental techniques in molecular biology, such as gene chips, has led to an explosion of data. The current challenge is to aggregate different data sources and to identify the essential correlations: full genome sequences of multiple organisms, concentrations of several thousand genes and hundreds of proteins and metabolites.

The different components of biological cells are more and more known. Therefore, the focus of almost all current research activities is to describe and understand the interaction of these components - the so called network behavior. For this purpose pathway modeling techniques as well as methods from graph theory are also in use and under development.

The group is part of the University of Potsdam.The website of the group "Bioinformatics" led by Prof. Joachim Selbig is found on the website of the University of Potsdam. The website is in german only.

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