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Journal Article
Reginaldo, F.P.S.; Bueno, P.C.P.; Lourenço, E.M.G.; de Matos Costa, I.C.; Moreira, L.G.L.; de Araújo Roque, A.; Barbosa, E.G.; Fett-Neto, A.G.; Cavalheiro, A.J.; Giordani, R.B.: Methyl jasmonate induces selaginellin accumulation in Selaginella convoluta. Metabolomics 19, 2 (2023)
Journal Article
Mannochio-Russo, H.; Bueno, P.C.P.; Bauermeister, A.; De Almeida, R.F.; Dorrestein, P.C.; Cavalheiro, A.J.; Bolzani, V.S.: Can Statistical Evaluation Tools for Chromatographic Method Development Assist in the Natural Products Workflow? A Case Study on Selected Species of the Plant Family Malpighiaceae. Journal of Natural Products 83 (11), pp. 3239 - 3249 (2020)
Journal Article
Santos Reginaldo, F. P.; Bueno, P.C.P.; de Matos Costa, I. C.; Roque, A. d. A.; Fett-Neto, A. G.; Cavalheiro, A. J.; Giordani, R. B.: Molecular Networking Discloses the Chemical Diversity of Flavonoids and Selaginellins in Selaginella convoluta. Planta Medica (2020)
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