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Journal Article
Veyel, D., Kierszniowska, S., Kosmacz, M., Sokolowska, E., Michaelis, A., Luzarowski, M., Szlachetko, J., Willmitzer, L. & Skirycz, A. System-wide detection of protein-small molecule complexes suggests extensive metabolite regulation in plants. Scientific Reports 7, (2017).
Journal Article
Perlikowski, D., Kierszniowska, S., Sawikowska, A., Krajewski, P., Rapacz, M., Eckhardt, Ä. & Kosmala, A. Remodeling of Leaf Cellular Glycerolipid Composition under Drought and Re-hydration Conditions in Grasses from the Lolium-Festuca Complex. Frontiers in Plant Science 7, (2016).
Journal Article
Demir, F., Horntrich, C., Blachutzik, J. O., Scherzer, S., Reinders, Y., Kierszniowska, S., Schulze, W. X., Harms, G. S., Hedrich, R., Geiger, D. & Kreuzer, I. Arabidopsis nanodomain-delimited ABA signaling pathway regulates the anion channel SLAH3. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110, 8296–8301 (2013).
Journal Article
Szymanski, W. G., Kierszniowska, S. & Schulze, W. X. Metabolic Labeling and Membrane Fractionation for Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana Suspension Cell Cultures. Journal of visualized experiments: JoVE (2013). doi:10.3791/50535
Journal Article
Szymanski, W. G., Kierszniowska, S. & Schulze, W. X. Metabolic labeling and membrane fractionation for comparative proteomic analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana suspension cell cultures. Journal of visualized experiments: JoVE (2013). doi:10.3791/50535
Journal Article
Arsova, B., Kierszniowska, S. & Schulze, W. X. The use of heavy nitrogen in quantitative proteomics experiments in plants. Trends in Plant Science 17, 102–112 (2012).
Journal Article
Keinath, N. F., Kierszniowska, S., Lorek, J., Bourdais, G., Kessler, S. A., Shimosato-Asano, H., Grossniklaus, U., Schulze, W. X., Robatzek, S. & Panstruga, R. PAMP (pathogen-associated molecular pattern)-induced changes in plasma membrane compartmentalization reveal novel components of plant immunity. Journal of Biological Chemistry 285, 39140–39149 (2010).
Journal Article
Kierszniowska, S., Seiwert, B. & Schulze, W. X. Definition of Arabidopsis Sterol-rich Membrane Microdomains by Differential Treatment with Methyl-beta-cyclodextrin and Quantitative Proteomics. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 8, 612–623 (2009).
Journal Article
Kierszniowska, S., Walther, D. & Schulze, W. X. Ratio-dependent significance thresholds in reciprocal N-15-labeling experiments as a robust tool in detection of candidate proteins responding to biological treatment. Proteomics 9, 1916–1924 (2009).

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Book Chapter
Schulze, W. X. & Kierszniowska, S. in Jahrbuch der Max-Planck Gesellschaft (ed. Plehn, G.) (Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaft e.V., 2009). at <>
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