Publications of O. Kreft

Journal Article (5)

Journal Article
Kreft, O.; Georgieva, R.; Baumler, H.; Steup, M.; Mueller-Roeber, B.; Sukhorukov, G. B.; Mohwald, H.: Red blood cell templated polyelectrolyte capsules: A novel vehicle for the stable encapsulation of DNA and proteins. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 27 (6), pp. 435 - 440 (2006)
Journal Article
Kreft, O.; Hoefgen, R.; Hesse, H.: Functional analysis of cystathionine gamma-synthase in genetically engineered potato plants. Plant Physiology 131 (4), pp. 1843 - 1854 (2003)
Journal Article
Zeh, M.; Casazza, A. P.; Kreft, O.; Roessner, U.; Bieberich, K.; Willmitzer, L.; Hoefgen, R.; Hesse, H.: Antisense inhibition of threonine synthase leads to high methionine content in transgenic potato plants. Plant Physiology 127 (3), pp. 792 - 802 (2001)
Journal Article
Maimann, S.; Wagner, C.; Kreft, O.; Zeh, M.; Willmitzer, L.; Hoefgen, R.; Hesse, H.: Transgenic potato plants reveal the indispensable role of cystathionine beta-lyase in plant growth and development. Plant Journal 23 (6), pp. 747 - 758 (2000)
Journal Article
Kreft, O.; Riedel, K.; Mangelsdorf, C.; Streber, W.; Willmitzer, L.; Hoefgen, R.; Hesse, H.: Analysis of cystathionine gamma-synthase from Solanum tuberosum L. Amino Acids 17 (1), p. 103 (1999)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Hesse, H.; Kreft, O.; Maimann, S.; Zeh, M.; Hoefgen, R.: Current understanding of the regulation of methionine biosynthesis in plants. In: Journal of Experimental Botany, pp. 1799 - 1808. Journal of Experimental Botany. (2004)

Review Article (3)

Review Article
Nikiforova, V.; Kempa, S.; Zeh, M.; Maimann, S.; Kreft, O.; Casazza, A. P.; Riedel, K.; Tauberger, E.; Hoefgen, R.; Hesse, H.: Engineering of cysteine and methionine biosynthesis in potato. (2002)
Review Article
Hesse, H.; Kreft, O.; Maimann, S.; Zeh, M.; Willmitzer, L.; Hoefgen, R.: Approaches towards understanding methionine biosynthesis in higher plants. (2001)
Review Article
Hoefgen, R.; Kreft, O.; Willmitzer, L.; Hesse, H.: Manipulation of thiol contents in plants. (2001)
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