Dr. René Schneider

Dr. René Schneider

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Infrastructure Groups and Service Units (CIG)
Pflanzliche Zellbiologie und Mikroskopie
+49 (0)331 567-8281


since 2018    MPI of Molecular Plant Physiology, Potsdam, Germany
                    - Postdoc in Sampathkumar lab (Plant Cell Biology & Microscopy)

2015-2017    Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia
                    - Postdoc in Persson lab (Plant Cell Walls)

2013-2015    MPI of Molecular Plant Physiology, Potsdam, Germany
                    - Postdoc in Persson lab (Plant Cell Walls)

2009-2013    MPI of Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany
                    - PhD in Diez lab (Single-Molecule Biophysics & Microscopy)
                    - received "summa cum laude" physics degree in 02/2013

2002-2008    Excellence University of Technology, Dresden, Germany
                    - study of physics (specialization on Biophysics and Nano-optics)
                    - received "very good" physics diploma in 12/2008


(peer-reviewed; underlined = shared-first co-authorship)


Tissue-scale mechanical stress regulates tissue form independent of subcellular-scale microtubule response to mechanical stress in Arabidopsis
RC Eng
, R Schneider, T Matz, R Carter, DW Ehrhardt, Z Nikoloski, H Jönsson, A Sampathkumar


Long-term single-cell imaging and simulations of microtubules reveal principles behind wall pattering during proto-xylem development
R Schneider
, K van't Klooster, KL Picard, J van der Gucht, T Demura, M Janson, A Sampathkumar, EE Deinum, T Ketelaar, S Persson

A microtubule-mediated mechanical feedback controls leaf blade development in three dimensions
F ZhaoF DuH OliveriL ZhouO AliW Chen, S Feng, Q Wang, S , M Long, R SchneiderA Sampathkumar, C GodinJ TraasY Jiao
Current Biology 30, 1–14


Quantification of Cytoskeletal Dynamics in Time‐Lapse Recordings
R Schneider
, A Sampathkumar, S Persson
Current protocols in plant biology
4 (2), e20091

The companion of cellulose synthase 1 confers salt tolerance through a Tau-like mechanism in plants
C Kesten
, A Wallmann, R Schneider, HE McFarlane, A Diehl, GA Khan, BJ van Rossum, ER Lampugnani, WG Szymanski, N Cremer, P Schmieder, KL Ford, F Seiter, JL Heazlewood, C Sanchez-Rodriguez, H Oschkinat, S Persson
Nature communications
10 (1), 1-14


Cellulose synthase complexes display distinct dynamic behaviors during xylem transdifferentiation
Y Watanabe
, R Schneider, S Barkwill, E Gonzales-Vigil, JL Hill Jr., AL Samuels, S Persson, SD Mansfield
115 (27) E6366-E6374


Three AtCesA6‐like members enhance biomass production by distinctively promoting cell growth in Arabidopsis
H Hu, R Zhang, S Feng, Y Wang, Y Wang, C Fan, Y Li, Z Liu, R Schneider, T Xia, SY Ding, S Persson, L Peng

Plant Biotechnology Journal
16 (5)

Two Complementary Mechanisms Underpin Cell Wall Patterning during Xylem Vessel Development
R Schneider
, L Tang, ER Lampugnani, S Barkwill, R Lathe, Y Zhang, HE McFarlane, E Pesquet, T Niittyla, SD Mansfield, Y Zhou, S Persson
The Plant Cell
29 (8)

BRASSINOSTEROID INSENSITIVE2 negatively regulates cellulose synthesis in Arabidopsis by phosphorylating cellulose synthase 1
C Sánchez-Rodríguez, K Ketelaar, R Schneider, JA Villalobos, CR Somerville, S Persson, IS Wallace
PNAS 114 (13) 3533-3538


Cellulose and callose synthesis and organization in focus, what's new?
R Schneider, T Hanak, S Persson, CA Voigt
Current opinion in plant biology 34, 9-16

Golgi-localized STELLO proteins regulate the assembly and trafficking of cellulose synthase complexes in Arabidopsis
Y Zhang, N Nikolovski, M Sorieul, T Vellosillo, HE McFarlane, R Dupree, C Kesten, R Schneider, C Driemeier, R Lathe, ER Lampugnani, X Yu, A Ivakov, MS Doblin, JC Mortimer, SP Brown, S Persson, P Dupree
Nature communications 7 (1)

Cellulose-Microtubule Uncoupling proteins prevent lateral displacement of microtubules during cellulose synthesis in Arabidopsis
Z Liu, R Schneider, C Kesten, Y Zhang, M Somssich, Y Zhang, AR Fernie, S Persson
Developmental Cell 38 (3), p305–315

The cellulose synthase companion proteins act non-redundantly with CELLULOSE SYNTHASE INTERACTING1/POM2 and CELLULOSE SYNTHASE 6
A Endler, R Schneider, C Kesten, ER Lampugnani, S Persson
Plant Signaling & Behavior 11 (4)

In vitro Microtubule Binding Assay and Dissociation Constant Estimation
C Kesten, R Schneider, S Persson
Bio-protocol 6 (6)


A mechanism for sustained cellulose synthesis during salt stress
A Endler
, C Kesten, R Schneider, Y Zhang, A Ivakov, A Froehlich, N Funke, S Persson
Cell 162 (6)

Connecting two arrays: the emerging role of actin-microtubule cross-linking motor proteins
R Schneider
and S Persson
Frontiers in Plant Science 6

Kinesin-1 motors can circumvent permanent roadblocks by side-shifting to neighboring protofilaments
R Schneider
, T Korten, WJ Walter, S Diez
Biophysical Journal 108 (9)

Perspective: Another brick in the wall
R Schneider
, S Persson
Science 350 (6257)


Multimotor transport in a system of active and inactive kinesin-1 motors
L Scharrel
, R Ma, R Schneider, F Jülicher, S Diez
Biophysical Journal 107 (2)


Using a quartz paraboloid for versatile wide-field TIR microscopy with sub-nanometer localization accuracy
R Schneider
, T Glaser, M Berndt, S Diez
Optics Express 21 (3)

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