Dr. Aleksandra Skirycz

Guest Scientist
Emeritus Prof. Willmitzer

Main Focus

Metabolite-Protein Interactions, Dipeptide Signalling, cAMP Signalling, Metabolomics, Proteomics, Method Development

Curriculum Vitae


2004–2008 PhD at the University of Potsdam, Germany

1999–2004 Master in Biotechnology at the University of Wroclaw, Poland


Since 2015 Project Leader in the group of Prof. Lothar Willmitzer


2013–2015 Associate Researcher, ITV Vale S.A., Belem, Para, Brazil

2012–2013 Post-doc, Filarete Institute in Milano, Italy

2008–2012 Post-doc, group of Prof. Dirk Inze, PSB, Ghent, Belgium    

PUBLICATIONS (as first author only) 

Skirycz A, et al., (2016) Trends in Biotechnology 34, 781-90

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Madub M, Skirycz A. et al., (2013)  Plant Physiology 162, 319-332

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Skirycz A, Vandenbroucke K. et al., (2011) Nature Biotechnology 29, 212-214

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Skirycz A, et al., (2006) Plant Journal 47, 10-24

Skirycz A, et al., (2005) BMC Plant Biology 5:1

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