Dr. Salar Torabi

Department 1 (Prof. Gutjahr): Root Biology and Symbiosis
Root Biology and Mycorrhiza
+49 331 567 8214

Curriculum Vitae

Since May 2015
Postdoc in the Gutjahr lab

Doctoral thesis in the lab of Jörg Meurer, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich (Germany)
"Establishment of photosynthetic complexes in the chloroplast"

Studies of Biology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich (Germany)
Diploma thesis in the lab of Hans-Ulrich Koop "Plastid transformation in Brassica napus"


2015 1st Poster Prize at COST meeting on Chemistry and Biochemistry of Strigolactones in Bucharest, Romania


Guercio AM, Torabi S, Cornu D, Dalmais M, Bendahmane A, Le Signor C, Pilot JP, Le Bris P, Boyer FD, Rameau C, Gutjahr C, de Saint Germain A, Shabek N (2022) Structural and functional analyses explain pea KAI2 receptor diversity and reveal stereoselective catalysis during signal perception. Communications Biology 5:126.

Torabi S, Varshney K, Villaécija-Aguilar JA, Keymer A, Gutjahr C (2021) Controlled assays for phenotyping arbuscular mycorrhiza development. Methods in Molecular Biology 2309: 157-177. In: Prandi C, Cardinale F (eds.) Strigolactones: Methods and Protocols. Springer Nature, Switzerland.

Carbonnel S, Torabi S, Gutjahr C (2021) MAX2-independent transcriptional responses to rac-GR24 in Lotus japonicus roots. Plant Signaling & Behaviour 16: 1840852.

Carbonnel S*, Torabi S*, Griesmann M, Bleek E, Tang Y, Buchka S, Basso V, Shindo M, François-Didier Boyer, Wang TL, Udvardi M, Waters M, Gutjahr C (2020) Lotus japonicus karrikin receptors display divergent ligand-binding specificities and organ-dependent redundancy. PLoS Genetics 16(12): e1009249.

Das D*, Torabi S*, Chapman P, Gutjahr C (2020) A flexible, low-cost hydroponic co-cultivation system for studying arbuscular mycorrhiza symbiosis. Frontiers in Plant Science 11:63.

Plöchinger M, Torabi S, Rantala M, Tikkanen M, Suorsa M, Jensen PE, Aro EM, Meurer J (2016) The low molecular weight protein PsaI stabilizes the light-harvesting complex II docking site of photosystem I. Plant Physiology 172: 450-463.

Manavski N*, Torabi S*, Lezhneva L, Aarif MA, Frank W, Meurer J (2015) HIGH CHLOROPHYLL FLUORESCENCE145 binds to and stabilizes the psaA 5' UTR via a newly defined repeat motif in embryophyta. Plant Cell  27, 2600-2615. 

Torabi S, Plöchinger M, Meurer J (2014) Localization and topology of thylakoid membrane proteins in land plants. Bio Protocol Volume 4, Issue 24

Torabi S, Umate P, Manavski N, Plöchinger M, Kleinknecht L, Bogireddi H, Herrmann RG, Wanner G, Schröder WP, Meurer J (2014) PsbN is required for assembly of the photosystem II reaction center in Nicotiana tabacumPlant Cell 26, 1183-1199.

Wittek F, Torabi S, Kolb M, Walther UI (2014) Pro-oxidative toxicity of cells in suspension does not point to a cell cultural artefact as an explanation of the increased susceptibility of alveolar epithelial-like cells after glucocorticoid pretreatment. Toxicology in Vitro 28, 1089-1096.

Manavski N, Torabi S, Stoppel R, Meurer J (2012) Phylogenetic and ontogeneticintegration of organelles into the compartmentalized genome of the eukaryotic cell. Journal of Endocytobiosis and Cell Research 23, 25-31.

Stoppel R, Lezhneva, L, Schwenkert S, Torabi S, Felder S, Meierhoff K, Westhoff P, and Meurer J (2011) Recruitment of a ribosomal release factor for light- and stress-dependent regulation of petB transcript stability in Arabidopsis chloroplasts. Plant Cell 23, 2680-2695.

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