Dr. David Barbosa Medeiros

Guest Scientist
Central Metabolism
Department 1 (Willmitzer)
+49 (0) 331 5 67 8261

Main Focus

Guard cell metabolism and metabolic regulation of C4 photosynthesis.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience

  • 2018-current: PostDoc Scientist, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology - Germany
  • 2017-2018: PostDoc Scientist, Federal University of Viçosa - Brazil 


  • 2017: DSc in Plant Physiology, Federal University of Viçosa - Brazil
  • 2013: MSc in Plant Physiology, Federal University of Viçosa – Brazil
  • 2011: BSc in Agronomy, Federal Rural University of Pernambuco – Brazil

Key research papers

  • Lima VF, Anjos LD, Medeiros DB, Cândido-Sobrinho SA, Souza LP, Gago J, Fernie AR, Daloso DM (2019) The sucrose-to-malate ratio correlates with the faster CO2 and light stomatal responses of angiosperms compared to ferns. New Phytol. DOI:10.1111/nph.15927.
  • Arrivault S, Alexandre Moraes T, Obata T, Medeiros DB, Fernie AR, Boulouis A, Ludwig M, Lunn JE, Borghi GL, Schlereth A, Guenther M, Stitt M (2019) Metabolite profiles reveal interspecific variation in operation of the Calvin-Benson cycle in both C4 and C3 plants. J Exp Bot. 70:1843-1858.
  • Medeiros DB, Perez Souza L, Antunes WC, Araújo WL, Daloso DM, Fernie AR (2018) Sucrose breakdown within guard cells provides substrates for glycolysis and glutamine biosynthesis during light-induced stomatal opening. Plant J. 94:583-594.
  • Medeiros DB, Barros KA, Barros JAS, Omena-Garcia RP, Arrivault S, Sanglard LMVP, Detmann KC, Silva WB, Daloso DM, DaMatta FM, Nunes-Nesi A, Fernie AR, Araújo WL. (2017) Impaired malate and fumarate accumulation due to the mutation of the tonoplast dicarboxylate transporter has little effects on stomatal behavior. Plant Physiol. 175:1068-1081.
  • Medeiros DB, Martins SC, Cavalcanti JH, Daloso DM, Martinoia E, Nunes-Nesi A, DaMatta FM, Fernie AR, Araújo WL. (2016) Enhanced photosynthesis and growth in atquac1 knockout mutants are due to altered organic acid accumulation and an increase in both stomatal and mesophyll conductance. Plant Physiol. 170:86-101.

Key review papers

  • Medeiros DB, Brotman Y, Fernie AR (2021) The utility of metabolomics as a tool to inform maize biology. Plant Comm. 2:100187.
  • Medeiros DB, Luz LM, Hellen O. de Oliveira HO, Araújo WL, Daloso DM, Fernie AR (2019) Metabolomics for understanding stomatal movements. Theor Exp Plant Phys 31: 91-102.
  • Medeiros DB, Fernie AR, Araújo WL. (2018) Discriminating the function(s) of guard cell ALMT channels. Trends Plant Sci. 23:649-651.
  • Daloso DM, Medeiros DB, Dos Anjos L, Yoshida T, Araújo WL, Fernie AR (2017) Metabolism within the specialized guard cells of plants. New Phytol. 216:1018-1033.
  • Medeiros DB, Daloso DM, Fernie AR, Nikoloski Z, Araújo WL. (2015) Utilizing systems biology to unravel stomatal function and the hierarchies underpinning its control. Plant Cell Environ. 38:1457-1470.

Current research projects

  • Cassava Source-Sink - Improving cassava yield to support smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa


            Funding: Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation

  • RECONSTRUCT - Unraveling the contribution of soil biodiversity to maize growth and fitness


            Funding: Plant Breeding Research for the Bioeconomy, BMBF

  • FullThrottle - Maximizing photosynthetic efficiency in maize


            Funding: Plant Breeding Research for the Bioeconomy, BMBF

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