Dr. Yariv Brotman

Project Leader "Genetics of Metabolic Traits"

Master: University of Bar-Ilan, Ramat-Gan, Israel, 2001
Ph.D.: University of Bar-Ilan, Ramat-Gan, Israel, 2005

Selected Publications

Brotman Y, Viterbo A, Briff  E, Chet I (2008) Role of swollenin, an expansin-like protein from Trichoderma, in plant root colonization. Plant Physiol, 147: 779-789

Brotman Y, Kapuganti JG, Viterbo A (2010) Trichoderma. Curr Biol, 20 (9): R390-R391

Brotman Y, Riewe D, Lisec J, Meyer RC, Willmitzer L, Altmann T (2011) Identification of enzymatic and regulatory genes of plant metabolism through QTL analysis in Arabidopsis. J Plant Physiol 168(12):1387-94

Brotman Y, Normantovich M, Goldenberg Z, Zvirin Z, Kovalski I, Stovbun N, Doniger T, Bolger AM, Troadec C, Bendahmane A, Cohen R, Katzir N, Pitrat M, Dogimont C, Perl Treves R (2013) Dual resistance of melon to Fusarium oxysporum races 0 and 2 and to Papaya ring-spot virus is controlled by a pair of head-to-head-oriented NB-LRR genes of unusual architecture. Mol Plant 6:235-238

Brotman Y, Landau U, Cuadros-Inostroza Á, Tohge T, Fernie AR, Chet I, Viterbo A, Willmitzer L. (2013) Trichoderma-plant root colonization: escaping early plant defense responses and activation of the antioxidant machinery for saline stress tolerance. PLoS Pathog, 9(3):e1003221

Riedelsheimer C, Brotman Y, Méret M, Melchinger AE, Willmitzer L (2013) The maize leaf lipidome shows multilevel genetic control and high predictive value for agronomic traits. Sci Rep 3:2479

Szymanski J, Brotman Y, Willmitzer L, Cuadros-Inostroza A (2014) Linking gene expression and membrane lipid composition of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell, 26(3):915-28

Tenenboim H, Smirnova J, Willmitzer L, Steup M, Brotman Y  (2014) VMP1-deficient Chlamydomonas exhibits severely aberrant cell morphology and disrupted cytokinesis. BMC Plant Biol 14 (1), 121

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