Genetics of Metabolic Traits

Research in the group of Dr. Yariv Brotman focuses on the use of quantitative genetic approaches for the identification of genes that are involved in plant metabolism, and on further functional characterization of those genes by application of different molecular biology techniques and transgenic plant approaches. Special focus is given to genes that are taking part in lipid metabolism, but also genes that are taking parts in primary and secondary metabolism are investigated. The group is also integrating knowledge from classic lipid biochemistry with lipidomics in order to refine the knowledge on lipid biochemical pathways.

Group members:

Yariv Brotman, PhD (Guest group leader, BGU)

Asdrubal Burgos, PhD (Guest Scientist, BGU): Systems biology of lipid metabolism

Isabel Orf, PhD (Guest Scientist, BGU): GWAS of lipids in rice

Si Wu (Doctoral student): GWAS of primary and secondary metabolites in Arabidopsis

Ke Xu (Doctoral student): MYB transcription factors

Francisco de Abreu e Lima (Doctoral student): Lipid metabolism in high oil maize lines

Urszula Luzarowska (Doctoral student, BGU): Systems biology of lipid metabolism, GWAS of lipids in Arabidopsis

Anastasiya Kuhalskaya (Doctoral student, BGU): GWAS of lipids in tomato


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