December 2015

Lovely and Andrés have joined our IMPRS.

October 2015

Umarah, Camilla, Beata, Fabio and Eleftheria have started their PhD projects.

Welcome to all!

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IMPRS Students

IMPRS Students

The group of IMPRS-PMPG PhDs comprises 25 to 30 students who are actively pursuing their doctoral research and training. They are embedded in a larger community of doctoral students at the MPI-MP and UP.

These are the IMPRS-PMPG doctoral students and alumni, listed by the year they started their doctoral research.


Name Country
Umarah Mubeen Pakistan
Camilla Ferrari Italy
Beata Siemiatkowska Poland
Fabio Moratti Italy
Eleftheria Saplaoura Greece
Lovely Mae F. Lawas Philippines
Andrés Rodriguez Cubillos Colombia


Name Country
Shreya Agrawal India
Francisco de Abreu e Lima Portugal
Kevin Schwahn Germany
Andrzej Koczut Poland
Joram Schwartzmann (nee Schimmeyer) Germany


Name Country
Christopher Wils Germany
Leonardo Perez de Souza Brasil
Julia Schumacher Germany
Amelie Mendrinna
(transferred to University of Melbourne, AUS, 2015)
Selin Bülbül Turkey
Nevena Petrovic Serbia
Semidán Robaina Estevez Spain
Mercedes Diez Cocero Spain
Reynel Urrea Castellanos Colombia
Franziska Fichtner Germany
Youjun Zhang
(Thesis subm. Mar 2016)
P.R. China
Krysztof Bajdzienko Poland
Corné Swart South Africa
Vanessa Loiacono Italy


Name Country
Paulina Fuentes Taladriz
(Thesis subm. May 2015; def. Sep 2015)

Tommaso Pellizzer
(Thesis subm. June 2016)

Juan Camilo Moreno
(Thesis subm. Mar 2016)
Tegan Armarego Marriott Australia

David Breuer
(Thesis subm. Dec 2015; def. June 2016)

Anna Stief
(Thesis subm. Mar 2016)
Zengyu Liu
(Thesis subm. Feb. 2015; def. Apr 2015)
P.R. China
Christopher Kesten
(transferred to University of Melbourne, AUS, 2015;
Thesis subm. and graduated in 2016)

Please go to page 2 for students who started in 2011 or earlier.

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